Dad’s gotta impress a squad of rowdy teens with his sick dance moves and dabs so “lit” you’ll have to wear shades B)

Dab into, and destroy, as many items thrown your way as possible to impress a rowdy crew of cool teens. Just don't dab on the cat!!

Commissioned by the super rad folks at [adult swim]  and created in Unity.

Art, design, programming, motion capture/dance moves, etc, by me. Music/sfx courtesy Audiojungle and

AuthorWill Herring
GenreAction, Rhythm
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Arcade, Funny, Low-poly, Music, Unity


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Won't let me post pic... 29,980 pts!


23,630.  Why did I play that long?


I hope this game gets more updates


Love the aesthetic. Great work.

look at this a score

hell yeah!!! that score rules!!!!!!


I feel like I should have gotten extra recognition for getting 420 points.


you won the game!!


Where is the highscore leaderboars? I waaaant it :> 

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Really fun little game, enjoyed it a lot! Hope you enjoy the video! 


what did i just witness... but its a good game!::):):)

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J ai un problème...quand je veux mettre un commentaire cela me mets automatiquement"le plus grand centre commercial"                                                                                 JE N'AI JAMAIS COMPRIS POURQUOI ET CELA M'ENERVE donc si vous comprenez SVP si vous pouvez répondre a ma question merci de le faire


Great game! Haha very cool :)

How you animated the HUD elements?

Did you import gif images?

Thanks for the game

thanks so much! i used doodle studio 95 to draw + animate all of the UI elements!

alright! thank you


Man this game is way too fun to play!

I miraculously got to 100040 points and i still want to play more!

Great job!

wont start


Cool game and nice moves! I would like to see the leaderboards.


big mood


Smash n Dab starts at 9:35. My high score is 15140, but I wanna know how far this goes. How big can the crowd get, and does the outfit change any more after the fire?

This is amazing!!!!!!!!

hahaha thank you!!

Made a video


This game was lit fam!


way to go dad!!


i gotta say,being a dad sure is hard to be relatable and hit the dab :D

heck yeah, u hit the dab like a pro!!

Show post...

make smile me this :P

woo thanks for playing!!


This is the humour I love. So good. I was unaware of you until today and now I will never forget it. This game is so rad.

heck yeah!! thanks so much for playing!


Damn!! I got good score! it's adictive once you get the hang of it! great Game idea!!!

thanks so much for playing!!


Danm I love this

and I managed to score 9800 points!

Beautiful music a animations as well.


amazing!! thank you so much for playing!