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you are at a house party. 

you do not know anybody. 

but legend tells of a ~very good puppo~ hiding somewhere in this house! 

 the clock is ticking and you’re running out of small talk… 

 can you find the pup at the party??


WASD to move!!

left click to interact w/ doors + people + pups!!

right click to zoom!!

follow the arfs to find the pup!!

52 radical and special pups to pet!!

unlock all of the very good dogs in the good dog gallery!!

avoid eye contact with ppl you don't know very well!!

thank you for playing!!!


a game by will herring

music by nick dimichele

Published Aug 15, 2017
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorWill Herring
Tags3D, Arcade, artgame, Cute, Dogs, Exploration, First-Person, Low-poly, Retro, Walking simulator
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Lovely game with superb graphics. Fun to play and runs smoothly with great sound and music. Really good job on this... :)

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This game is the cutest! I adorrrrre ittttt <3 Must pet all doggosssss! Most relatable game in existance. 


thanks so much!!! ❤️❤️


Such an adorable game with a fun concept! The art style pulled me in immediately and I can TOTALLY relate: petting puppies is always a highlight of a party.

Thanks for making such a wonderful experience ♡ ♡ ♡

I am not able to play the game, although I have unzipped all of the files. Where do I send the crash report?

oh no!! so sorry for the trouble -- is the game crashing on you when you try to open it? what OS are you on?

The game crashes as soon as I try to open it. I am on Windows (specifically Windows 7.) Thanks for the speedy response!

ahh that's so strange! i haven't encountered any crashing issues -- very sorry it's giving you trouble. is it giving you an error message or just crashing straight to desktop and closing the game?

It gives me an error message as well as creates a file titled as the current date (presumably a crash report.) Thanks for the help

very sorry for the delay! can i bug you to email the error message and crash log to: will@likethefish.net? i'll see what i can figure out!


Fantastic art style and a cute little soundtrack that matches well with the environment as well as the puppers! All I can say is, it may not be the next Fallout 4 but it sure was a great way to spend 20 minutes!!! :D 


This game is great! It reminds me a lot of Mission Hill.


thanks so much!! and yesss, mission hill for life!


This game was sooooo cute, and I love the design of all the puppers. Had to give my dog extra tummy rubs after spending so long with these virtual doggies.


This game is adorable. Glad I got the chance to play this one! 


And who said life couldn't get any better? Hands-down the MOST PURE PUPPER PETTING SIMULATOR EVER. Had a ruff day? Throw on this game a fetch some doges! Do not be fooled; this game can get pretty tense when you're on those last few seconds scurrying to find that humble-as-all-heck puppo! Also, some VERY SPECIAL guests make an appearance at the end of the video! Thanks for creating this hefty piece of work!






As a pup owner myself I just knew I had to go and pet all the pups at this party. The art is adorable and the dogs are too damn cute. 12/10, they're all good dogs brant.


Who is responsible for the beautiful art in the game? :D I just love the art style!

that's very kind!! the art was all done by me and my dumb hands!


It was pretty fun to frantically run around trying to find the pup.

Hey there! I played the game! It was fun, but gets redundant and stale as you play for more than 3-5 mins. But hey, I did a 10 minute video!



I'm a simple man, I sees a pupper, I pets a pupper


I played this and liked it enough! I'm not so into arcade games, but I love dogs and have been to my share of house parties, so I had to try it. It was fun for what it was! I made a quick little QUICKIE! to show off my good times. 

Lumps Plays is POP-UP COMMENTARY! It's your new favorite thing!


This game was so much FUN!!!Thank you for making it :)
Also i dedicate my Let's Play to my little princess Pickle, my own adorable doggo <3


This game is Awesome!! best I have gotten in a row is 12  :D and I have 32/52 right now.

nice!! the pups are v proud! thanks for playing!


Just had a look at this game today. Decided to make a series looking at indie games, with this game being the first. I had a lot of fun with it, and played off camera. I loved the art style - it reminded me somewhat of Parappa the Rappa. :-)


This game made me so, so, SO happy! Hadn't felt this good in a long time. Love the characters, love the pups. Including the greatest FBI agent, Dog Mulder.


I found your game because of a YouTube show called Free Indie Rapid Fire.  We're asked to review the games, and I figured I'd post it here.

This game was quite delightful and has a really fun concept to boot.  I love it when a game has a silly concept like this, and also makes it work.  My only issues with this are very technical.  I felt your hand was blocking a bit too much of the screen (though that might have been the point) and I've had a couple times where the arfs died out.

All of the dogs are named and I sort of wish they're named after real-life animals too.  Like maybe a couple of them are based off of pets the dev owned in his life.


thanks so much for posting  + playing and for the feedback!! this is rad!

all the puppos in the game are in fact based on irl doggos -- there's a list of all the very good dog owners in the credits!

nice vid!!


This game is pure bliss. The End.


So adorable, and so much fun ^^ Also totally who I am at parties XD

I do have to wonder who owns that house, and how rich they are to afford such a huge house that is practically a maze. Even if it's a game design thing, I still think the doggos just own the house and let people party there in exchange for pets :P

I also covered your game on my channel. Hope it helps!


Super cute. It gave me motion sickness after a bit though LOL. Soooo many lets play videos in the comments. wow

haha, oh no!! sorry about that! i've definitely gotta get a mouse sensitivity slider in there for the next build!


Got to pet puppies, had fun. Dog/10

This was fun. The art style was cartoonish and amusing while still containing some substance with the labyrinth runner gameplay. Having to dodge around all the people to get to the destination is very relatable and finally reaching and petting the pups  was rewarding. I also liked that the gallery had little doggy bios rather than just pictures. Gave more of a feeling of "Yeah, these are based on pets" rather than just collectibles.

That said, the obnoxious mannerisms of some of the characters was far too realistic.


Recorded a quick video of your game if you'd like to check it out!


This is a game of pure joy! There's nothing I like more than an objective to pet a pup! Amazing job!


I was looking for a game to play in the background of my video and
stumbled upon this one. It's so nice and cute! If I had to say
something, it would be "11/10 would pet again!" Great job and keep up
the good work! <3


I honestly related to this game way to much. It was so much fun though! I really enjoyed it and even made a small gameplay video for it on my gaming channel. If you got a chance to check it out I'd be really appreciative. Thank you for creating such a fun game! 

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This game was beautiful, LESS PEOPLE MORE DOGS!!! Oh my god though, I kept ending in the closets, the only problem I had was I felt like the noise where the arf came from wasn't coming from a singular direction, but I know you had the arf word coming where the bark was supposed to be. I would have loved different challenges in this game like maybe trying to hit on someone without their dog attacking you or something, maybe even having to chase and catch the dog. But this game was great and I appreciated the silly ending things about eating ice cream for dinner or reading internet quizes it really captured how sad my life is lol, I look forward to some more fun games! 

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This game was so cute. I really love the premise, as someone who is socially awkward and loved dogs, it was like this game was game for me. I made a video of your game, I hope that's okay. But I really enjoyed this game, so thank you for making it ^^


So cute! 10/10 would pet all the pups again.

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Searched for puppos

Found the puppos

Pet the puppos 

Was satisfied

Would give this game 9.5/10


It's my life mission to pet all the good puppos!


I petted the pups, and they instilled in me a will to exist. Thank you.


Such a wonderful and fun game. I played this on stream and loved it!


A really fun game with high replayability. I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to see what other games you make. 


Crazy game, had a lot of fun, yelled a lot, went slightly crazy, all in the span of about 5 minutes.  Also spent way too much time in closets but got to skip the bathroom line at least.  Hide and seek with pups is a terrific idea, and a game that practically anyone could enjoy.  Great work, great game, great pups


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