A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

you are at a house party. 

you do not know anybody. 

but legend tells of a ~very good puppo~ hiding somewhere in this house! 

 the clock is ticking and you’re running out of small talk… 

 can you find the pup at the party??


WASD to move!!

left click to interact w/ doors + people + pups!!

right click to zoom!!

follow the arfs to find the pup!!

52 radical and special pups to pet!!

unlock all of the very good dogs in the good dog gallery!!

avoid eye contact with ppl you don't know very well!!

thank you for playing!!!


a game by will herring

music by nick dimichele


PetThePup - MACOS - 64bit.zip 55 MB
PetThePup - MACOS - 32bit.zip 50 MB
PetThePup - PC.zip 47 MB
PetThePup - Linux.zip 54 MB

Development log


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A game with dogs will always be funny :3 


I love this game, im getting really addicted to try find all the pups and also  i really like the "design" i mean by the pixel arts and stuff love this game really good :)


cutest game with the best pups! I love them all! one weird thing (spoilers I guess?) when I found Finn, the last "pup" in the book, the floor kind of disappeared?? not sure if it was a glitch or an Easter egg of sorts for finding the special pup but either way, no big deal. plus I got to see Finn in all his toothless grumpy glory.

thank you for playing!! argh, unfortunately the floor glitch cropped up when i updated the game builds for 64-bit devices earlier this year -- 2020 unity and 2017 unity don't see eye to eye on how floors work in this one 😭


It is so much fun! I loved to play it with my little brother.

I don't know what is the problem, but at some point while playing, when it gets ready to go look for a new puppy, "I" kept falling from the house map, and couldn't play the new round.

I'm playing on Mac by the way.

Other than that, great game!


This game is a modern masterpiece. Is the soundtrack available anywhere?


best game

wow that was amazing


This is good. You've made a good thing here. Thank you.



very fun game i would play this game for hours on end if i could bc of the cute pups!

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I love this game! The art style is amazing :) The only thing i think could make it even better would be the option to switch to a "casual" mode, where you just roam around looking for pups without the countdown,,, i personally would love that hehe


The game was kinda fun.

So here is my playthrough of three weird but funny games.

1.Siren Head Dating Simulator : https://nekosounds.itch.io/siren-head-dating-sim

2.Pet the Pup at the Party 

3.I'm still Here : https://cozygamepals.itch.io/im-still-here

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I’m allergic to dogs so this was a great way to fill the void, heheh.

Such a cool game! 

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this game looks very cute! unfortunately (on linux) the look speed is way too fast and i can hardly focus. is there a setting or a workaround for this? thank you!


oh no, i'm so sorry to hear! my computer situation is a little up in the air at the moment, but i can try to export another linux build in a few weeks. apologies for the trouble!

that would be great, thanks so much!
for the time being i was able to run the windows version in WINE and it worked fairly well.


Absolutely worth playing, casually or not. It has great elements of what collector games have to offer, with the real-life stress of NEEDING TO PET THAT DOGGO.

I was having a rough time, and this game cheered me up, and cheered some of my viewers up.

Thank you for this.

How do I go on full screen???

Hey there! Alt+Enter should do the trick!

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i love this game my favorite dog is finn :) my record is 8 pups pet
what's the world record for a round?? how can i get my pup put in the game lol

finn is secretly the best pup tbh!!


Thanks for sharing


This game is awesome! Its very fun and light hearted!

Is there no invert mouse option?

unfortunately i didn't think to put one in when i made it, apologies for the inconvenience!


This was a really clever and fun time, def a gem and recommended to anyone looking for something short-burst and unique.

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I was having a lot of fun playing this game and I got up to 8 pups when I encountered this glitch,  my viewpoint kept falling down and I couldn't move, as the doors started rapidly moving past me, gaining speed as the time ticked by, the "arf arf" sound became more and more distorted, I had found my last pup fairly quickly so I had 84 seconds to watch reality zoom past me in real time as the clock counted down, mocking my inability to find another good pup to pet. I will try to play the game again later but figured I should let someone know about this glitch. ^^

edit: I am playing on a MacBook Air if that helps

augh, I’m sorry for the glitch!! did the house appear at all or did you just fall straight through the floor before you could see the environment? my current computer situation is making it tricky to squash bugs right now but i wanna take a look and see what’s causing it when I can!


For me the house didn't appear at all and I just started falling, don't stress too much about it though, I was able to start a new round and played a bit more without encountering this problem again. Thank you for your devotion to this game and I hope everything will turn out alright, stay safe and have a good rest of your week! :)


I got this one too and honestly it's hilarious! I mean it's sad I don't get to pet more pups but I can just restart, so don't stress about it. First time nothing appeared, just doors, and second time there was a floor for a split second and then after that just doors.

FWIW I'm playing on a Mac, and it happened twice, once after 3 dogs and again after 5. I'd slap a dog image on the bottom of the Skybox, call this a "secret", and be done with it honestly :P.

Great, fabulous, and most excellent game BTW.


Everything about this is adorable! Highly recommend to anyone with some spare time.


Found this gem in the recent Bundle pack. It's perfect for casual gamers that have some time to spare, but most importantly for those who love doggos more than hoomans.


Hey! Would it be possible to release a 64-bit build for Linux users? I tried the x86 one on my Ubuntu and it would not run :(


i'll definitely try!! the floor bug will likely be present, so apologies in advance, but i'll try to get this exported in the next few days


Yes, this game makes me happy! Except when I lose.

This was a cute game. I love the art style you chosen for this game. 5/5 from me.

Such a good game. Never fails to make me smile haha


I really loved this! A strong dose of good energy and just pure happiness! Thank you for that! Planned on doing more than one game in the video, but this deserves a standalone representation.

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I love this game - the art style is sublime, the animations are smooth and welcoming, and the concept is simple, yet brilliant.  Thanks for making this!  

I also just discovered this game has a good speedrun community with a 10 pup category, and all pups,  count me in.


thank you so much for the kind words and for playing!! the speedrun community are my heroes 😭


Enjoying the game, looks like sometimes it forgets that most parties take place in houses and that people need floors to stand on though!

I having the same problem i am using the pc version on a windows 10 laptop

oh no, so sorry for the trouble! exported the last build on a Mac but gonna re-export again on a PC in a bit and see if I can fix this.

okay! i just rolled back the PC build to what should be a more stable build. please redownload when you get a moment and see if that fixes it!


I am not having the issue anymore thank you!! 🐶

so sorry for the trouble! i just rolled back the PC build to what should be a more stable version. please redownload when you get a moment and see if that fixes it!

Hi! It looks like you’re using Unity, so could you please consider providing a Linux build? Thanks.

working on this! I gotta get access to a PC to export for linux but hoping to do so soon — thanks for your patience!


Thank you! :)

hey there, just added a linux build! i can't test on my end unfortunately but hopefully it runs!

It works, except I got the no-floor glitch at 7 pups.

Howdy! I'm running this on macOS Catalina (version 10.15.5) and it says the app needs to be updated by the developer to work with my version.

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You have downloaded the 32bit version, Apple dropped support for 32bit apps from Catalina onwards. Download the 64bit build, which I have running on my Macbook Air 2012 with Catalina. Perhaps it only became available in the last few hours :)

You'll get a popup on running saying that the app can't run because it can't be verified. It can, just open security in system preferences and hit open anyway. Only do this when you trust the source of the executable, obviously.

thank you for this!! yes, the 64-bit build should be Catalina friendly — just right click and select “open” from that menu and you should be good to go!


My daughter (8 years old) has played this pretty much all of today! We both absolutely love it! I'm assuming the dogs in it are based on real people's dogs?

She's convinced it would be ideal on the Nintendo Switch.


that's so so lovely to hear!! thank you both so much for playing. and yes, all of those digital dogs are based on very good IRL pups, each a perfect creature!


Are there plans to rebuild the Mac version for newer machines that no longer support 32-bit applications?


yes, absolutely! working on this!


alright, just added the 64-bit build above! let me know if you have any trouble downloading it!


Yay, it works! (Gives me the standard warning about how you didn't buy an Apple dev cert, but whatever, nobody cares about that.)

My game has been stuck in this size, and I can't change it back. I can't go to the tab and change the size either. I'm not sure how to change it back to normal. If anyone knows how to fix this let me know. This is actually a very fun game, and it's upsetting because now it's unplayable.

oh no, I’m so sorry! can you tell me a bit more about the machine + os you’re running on?

I'm on a Dell Inspiron laptop. It's only a few months old, and I haven't been having any issues with it.  I'm not sure what might have caused this. 

so sorry for the trouble! happy to offer a refund via paypal and gonna try to dig into this

hey, id like to know what game engine you used. if gamemaker studio, how did you make each letter one by one move in circles? if its a shader, can i please know what its called if its by someone else

thank you, see ya

hey there! i used Unity to make this one, and i used the wonderful Super Text Mesh asset by Kai Claiver:  https://kaiclavier.itch.io/super-text-mesh


This is the feel good game I never knew I needed in my life. Thank you. 


Super fun and addictive. I had a great time playing and the art style was great.


What program did you use to make this game?

hey there! i made this one in Unity!


I love the art style and especially the DOGGOS! This small game is definitely a labor of love.
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