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you are at a house party. 

you do not know anybody. 

but legend tells of a ~very good puppo~ hiding somewhere in this house! 

 the clock is ticking and you’re running out of small talk… 

 can you find the pup at the party??


WASD to move!!

left click to interact w/ doors + people + pups!!

right click to zoom!!

follow the arfs to find the pup!!

52 radical and special pups to pet!!

unlock all of the very good dogs in the good dog gallery!!

avoid eye contact with ppl you don't know very well!!

thank you for playing!!!


a game by will herring

music by nick dimichele

Published Aug 15, 2017
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorWill Herring
Tags3D, Arcade, artgame, Cute, Dogs, Exploration, First-Person, Low-poly, Retro, Walking simulator
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Hi! I finally recorded this game and pups are so cute!

Great fun game for dog lovers!


Will please make a mobile version of this game it would make an amazing mobile game for apple and android


awesome game plz play


my life is complete. thank you.


It's cute, I almost died from the overload of pups, and I pet the pup...

It's a Real Life Sim!


I played it for my channel and personally it was awesome! haha tho I hope the mouse sensitivity could be adjusted. my controls are all over the place. otherwise, great game!


Absolutely wonderful and whimsical way to cheer up after a stressful day at work! One question, can the resolution/fullscreen settings be adjusted and, if so, how?

so glad you enjoyed it!! unfortunately there's no way to adjust the resolution, but you can toggle fullscreen with alt + enter!

Great! That's what I was really after anyway. I tried the usually F11, but I had no idea it was "alt; return". Is this indicated anywhere and I simply missed it?

Will can you please make a mobile version of this game for apple and android this would make an amazing mobile game

it keeps saying "App.info not found" WHAT DO I DO HALP PLZ

oh no!! very sorry, i haven't heard of that issue! what OS are you running on? can you try deleting, re-downloading and re-installing?

I tried re-doing everything, no luck. OS 17134.165.

on a desktop, IOS 10

argh, sorry for the trouble! drop me a line at will@likethefish.net with a crash report if you have one + any additional details if you can!


this is so cute and snickers is the bEST of all dogs ok smH


snickers is a premier pup imho!!!


This game was challenging at first, but I got the hang of it after the second playing! Very cute, funny and challenging! Love it!


Had a few technical issues, but a ton of fun

i like the game 


Jacksepticeye & Markiplier have played your game! 




It was so cool seen jack play it


Can I have the soundtrack please?


hey there! yes! i'm traveling but when i'm back at my computer i can hunt the files down for you.

Thanks! Keep up good work!



i love you for playing it!!!


Made a video


wooo thank you for playing!

make a mobile version

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The cure for social anxiety is Puppies!

subscribe to my channel


Deleted post

The furry clickbait thumbnail. lol


This was a fun game! For some reason the game audio didn't get recorded in the video even though I heard it while I was playing. But other than that, this is a neat game that I had fun trying to get a pup petting streak!

woo i'm glad you had fun with it!!


This was a very cool game!  I really enjoyed playing it awesome job! :D 


thanks so much!!

You're welcome! :D


My friend and I drank and played this game, its so cute!!! 10/10 one of my fave games ever.

aw yay!! thanks so much for playing!

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Ce jeu est d’une simplicité mais il en devient addictif! Trooooop mignon :)



No idea if this is just me, but it's not working. I click on it and open it up, which works fine, but once opened no words popped up, the title screen was white and purple and black. Thinking it was a glitch for the title screen, I clicked on, and the house was one room consisting of grey walls and a purple floor, and moving makes the room just grey. Any suggestions on what to do to fix it? Or is this only for me?

oh goodness, i've never heard of this before! what machine/OS are you playing on?

I’m playing on a laptop with Windows 10. If you would wish to have more information feel free to ask. (I just noticed while looking around my computer there was an update on it that has been there since possibly before I went to get your game. I don't know if a computer with an update could mess up parts of a game, but perhaps that’s it?) Thank you.



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Played through and found every pup on stream today. Really really enjoyed it!
You can watch the VOD here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/282998725


I just started playing. Instant favorite.


Best game about petting dogs I've ever played. 20/10 good pups.


im a broke as shite college student so im not sending much $ but god. if i had money i would probably buy this on steam or something for a solid $10 just because its like.. timeless fun. how could u ever grow old of this?

all good!! thanks so much for playing!


I absolutely loved this game! I streamed it for a bit over at Twitch and had loads of fun!

You can watch the VOD of that part of the stream right here, if you're interested: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/282753334



Markiplier just played this game and I thought it looked pretty cool. I like that fact you're kind of collecting the dogs you pet and they have bios. 

The game starts at 22:22

whoa, amazing!! thanks so much for letting me know!


Awesome arcade style game that makes you want to run and, pet doggos over and, over again. Being parties are lame but, doggos are forever!

woo, doggos for life!


Ive Never played a game like this. I had a good time with it and im looking forward to your next game

so glad to hear! thanks for playing!


I had a very fun time with this game aswell as some difficult moments but I overall enjoyed the game very much! Hope to see more games from you!

thank you for playing!


Saw this was on SGDQ last week and had to take a look. I think we can all relate to finding some good pups at parties - although the game also advocates cat pictures (blasphemy!) The procedural generation was neat; I liked the labyrinthine setup of the house. Does it keep generating as you go, or is it limited in size?

Anyways, I had fun with this one so I condensed my time with it in to a short video. Thanks for putting it out there!


so glad you liked it! yep, each house layout is procedurally generated but limited in scale, size, and room possibilities based on player progress!

Ah, makes sense. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!


This game was perfect. It was about my exact favorite thing to do :D

woo, thanks for playing!!


I made a video on this game!

It's a good video, I promise!

thank you!!

You're welcome!


I saw this speedrun at SGDQ and knew I wanted to play it. I wish you allowed for inverted y-axis. 

thanks for playing it!! yes, i've gotten some requests for that – one day i hope to crack this guy back open and tweak a few things under the hood.


This is adorable and fun! This house is crazy large and apparently everyone I try to talk to swears at me. I dig it


hahah, thanks so much!! it's secretly a survival horror game.


This game was pretty fun and was a bit challenging the further you get into it! 

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