A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

you are at a house party. 

you do not know anybody. 

but legend tells of a ~very good puppo~ hiding somewhere in this house! 

 the clock is ticking and you’re running out of small talk… 

 can you find the pup at the party??


WASD to move!!

left click to interact w/ doors + people + pups!!

right click to zoom!!

follow the arfs to find the pup!!

52 radical and special pups to pet!!

unlock all of the very good dogs in the good dog gallery!!

avoid eye contact with ppl you don't know very well!!

thank you for playing!!!


a game by will herring

music by nick dimichele


PetThePup - MACOS - 64bit.zip 55 MB
PetThePup - MACOS - 32bit.zip 50 MB
PetThePup - PC.zip 47 MB
PetThePup - Linux.zip 54 MB

Development log


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I'm not sure if it's a a bug but when i pet 9 pups the game glitches so there' no walls, floor, people, or even the pup. Its just a door and i keep falling and getting teleported back to the ceiling. Yeah fix this
Edit: I restart the game and it's fixed lol


now i saw ParashockX play this game and i was interested so i decided to download it, this.. game.. is... AMAZING!


I cannot open up the game 0/10


get WinRAR you idiot


Is anyone else trying to find their dog or atleast trying to find similar dog?


all good bois, 10/10


sexy dogs


This is actually really polished! It's a cute concept, very cute art, and a real, fun, casual gameplay loop! I love it!

Hello Will, i have add your game Windows version in my Windows App Launcher Easy Os. Thank you for shareing! If tou want to give it a try : https://matteo-trevisan.itch.io/easy-os-for-windows


I saw one of my favorite youtubers play this and thought "i might give this a try"
I don't regret it at all.



I loved this game! It was so cute, and I loved seeing all the different types of pups! The part when we went home is really funny too!

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ok this is epic


This game is awesome!

Watch my gameplay to see for yourself!

Hope you like it ♥


puppy 💞




It was very cute and fun!!!

I found only 7 dogs, but i will keep trying to find more!

A fun game with DOGS!!! <3


Was simple, was fun and was amazing! The pups were absolutely adorable and the art style was so cute! The simple mechanic of the whole game with some extra depth really went well together as a whole and made this such a great game! This was... Paw-tastrophic. *badum tish*


my experience with this game: the whole time i was like "where's the good boi" and "oh you are so cute"


A very wholesome game indeed!!!


This has to the cutest most stressful game. I LOVE IT!!


best doggoms. best gam!


Wholesome game.

The Best Doggos!


I really LOVE this game and I can't stop recommending it to everyone. I have mentioned it in a video for the YouTube channel of the Spanish podcast VdeVideojuegos to give the game the voice it deserves!


you know, I thought the last pup on the list was doge, then I found the actual thing it is


Awesome little indie game. Very wholesome indeed if a bit short and repetitive. I had to make a video and put it in my ridiculous games series. Your game is third in the video and I hope you enjoy. 


Very wholesome game. I made a gameplay about it. Really liked the game!


Hey! Is it okay to play this game on a live stream? (Twitch)





A game with dogs will always be funny :3 


I love this game, im getting really addicted to try find all the pups and also  i really like the "design" i mean by the pixel arts and stuff love this game really good :)


cutest game with the best pups! I love them all! one weird thing (spoilers I guess?) when I found Finn, the last "pup" in the book, the floor kind of disappeared?? not sure if it was a glitch or an Easter egg of sorts for finding the special pup but either way, no big deal. plus I got to see Finn in all his toothless grumpy glory.

thank you for playing!! argh, unfortunately the floor glitch cropped up when i updated the game builds for 64-bit devices earlier this year -- 2020 unity and 2017 unity don't see eye to eye on how floors work in this one 😭


It is so much fun! I loved to play it with my little brother.

I don't know what is the problem, but at some point while playing, when it gets ready to go look for a new puppy, "I" kept falling from the house map, and couldn't play the new round.

I'm playing on Mac by the way.

Other than that, great game!


This game is a modern masterpiece. Is the soundtrack available anywhere?


best game

wow that was amazing


This is good. You've made a good thing here. Thank you.



very fun game i would play this game for hours on end if i could bc of the cute pups!

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I love this game! The art style is amazing :) The only thing i think could make it even better would be the option to switch to a "casual" mode, where you just roam around looking for pups without the countdown,,, i personally would love that hehe


The game was kinda fun.

So here is my playthrough of three weird but funny games.

1.Siren Head Dating Simulator : https://nekosounds.itch.io/siren-head-dating-sim

2.Pet the Pup at the Party 

3.I'm still Here : https://cozygamepals.itch.io/im-still-here

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I’m allergic to dogs so this was a great way to fill the void, heheh.

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