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you are at a house party. 

you do not know anybody. 

but legend tells of a ~very good puppo~ hiding somewhere in this house! 

 the clock is ticking and you’re running out of small talk… 

 can you find the pup at the party??


WASD to move!!

left click to interact w/ doors + people + pups!!

right click to zoom!!

follow the arfs to find the pup!!

52 radical and special pups to pet!!

unlock all of the very good dogs in the good dog gallery!!

avoid eye contact with ppl you don't know very well!!

thank you for playing!!!


a game by will herring

music by nick dimichele


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Wow, nice music. I wasn't ready ;)





This game is really fun to play & it has good music. Here's some gameplay of it hope you enjoy it   : )   


great game!

thank you for playing!


My highscore is 10 pups uwu




I downloaded this game when jackaboy played it and I went to my mom's friends son's house  He and his mom absolutely loooooooooooved it!!!!!(especially since ha had a crap pc) thank you so much for this fun and awesome adventure I hope you make more  good games like this! 


The most eminent game of our time, Pet the Pup at the Party truly explores what it means to be in our current time. It is the defining piece of a generation, that is, it is Love in the Time of Now. Its discussion of the human condition will be referenced in the vast halls of academia for millenia to come. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to immerse myself in such a masterpiece.


Very fun game - thanks for making it :)

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Absolutely loved playing this game. I made a video on it on my youtube channel. very addicting. strongly recommend it.


It was one of my best discovery this night <3


I greatly enjoyed this game


Downloading in PC right know play with my little pets puppy and cat shuzee !

But I wish to play it. Even though I paid for it like five times.

I CANT EVEN PLAY IT!!!!! Paypal isn't working, the file isn't working, and when I save it to collection I can't even play it. I'M SUPER MAD RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

hi there! i’m happy to give you a refund. shoot me the details at will@likethefish.net and i’ll do just that!


You know, this game is awesome. I just wish there were more game modes, maybe that can happen in a future update 😉



Nice game! I love the style... people reminded me of the character in Doug (90s Nickelodeon) lol…. Really fun! 


my summary of this game is:



i love this game!! it's so fun and i love petting all the little dogs!! I'm only a kid right now so I can't donate but honestly i'm gonna remind myself to donate when i'm old enough!

i’m so glad you enjoyed it! i know all those happy digital pups enjoyed being pet, too


Pet the Pup at the Party is a fun little game. It's challenging, colourful, and just overall fun to play. 

The gameplay becomes almost addictive after awhile. Just has enought of what's make the game fun to keep playing and making you wanna beat your own record. 

The puppies design are so crazy cute. Just wanna pet them.


Such a Fun Game! strangely addictive! Love the names for all the dogs!! would recommend!


yo man i like this game no lie i peted 11 pups thats a record for me


My wife and I played the game together. She never used  keyboard and mouse to move around in 3D space and learned it quick with this game. Very fun and challenging game that I would recommend for any one looking for a quirky quick game. 

Hey man! I loved your game :) it was super fun and a bit challenging which is awesome. Here's my take on it :) enjoy!

cute little game and i love dogs, great job!!!

This game was so much fun I love love love love love dogs.


After seeing this game being played so much I decided to give it a go and I was not dissapointed! This is so adorable and fun!:D

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funny :D


I lost on a 35-second round (recovering from having a round where the timer got to 0 because I couldn't find the stairs) and the pup wouldn't arf for me. Was it just playing hard to pet?

oh no!! my guess is you went into the room with the pup, the pup stopped barking when you entered, but you got turned around and went another way! sorry for that v rude arfer!

How do i go in fullscreen?

your game got speed run Pog

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This game was so adorable! Had to stalk other videos to get a peep on all those cute pups. Also really awesome character animations!

wooo, thank you for playing!!

Hi! I finally recorded this game and pups are so cute!

Great fun game for dog lovers!


Will please make a mobile version of this game it would make an amazing mobile game for apple and android


awesome game plz play


my life is complete. thank you.


It's cute, I almost died from the overload of pups, and I pet the pup...

It's a Real Life Sim!


I played it for my channel and personally it was awesome! haha tho I hope the mouse sensitivity could be adjusted. my controls are all over the place. otherwise, great game!

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