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A really fun game with high replayability. I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to see what other games you make. 


Crazy game, had a lot of fun, yelled a lot, went slightly crazy, all in the span of about 5 minutes.  Also spent way too much time in closets but got to skip the bathroom line at least.  Hide and seek with pups is a terrific idea, and a game that practically anyone could enjoy.  Great work, great game, great pups


I just uploaded a video of this game I hope you like it, you can also give me your opinion: D

This game was absolutely adorable in every way. The style alone caught my eye from moment one!

The pixelated, but also soft style really makes it different than most games I played.

Being the owner of 6 dogs, this game is the perfect game for me. That way, when I'm making videos, I'm still petting dogs. <3 


Time to pet some Doggos


cute game. always want to pet a puppy at a party lol


Cool game, probably going to find all pups! ;-)

THEY DIDN'T EVEN SEE IT COMING | Pet the Pup at the Party Full Gameplay Walkthrough First Look

so because of me and some friends, pet the pup is now a valid SpeedRunsLive game :D!/ptpatp/1

omg, this is amazing!!!

Very funny game :D

I find this game to be a relaxing sort of stress, very cool. QQ, is there an algorithm behind which dogs get featured? Or is it really random?

i'm glad you had fun with it!! the dogs are randomly chosen, but there are more/less complex algorithms behind each party layout that's generated based on gameplay!

Thank you, I thought I'd have to make a conspiracy theory about it or something!

I loved this little game! Simple and fun that was still challenging! 


Awesome game! Thanks so much. The tune is also very fun.

thanks for playing! i'd appreciate it if you could change the name of your video since it isn't the official trailer -- thanks!!

Thanks so much! Yes, the tittle was named in a joke. I'll change it when I'll come back to home.

i appreciate it!!

Is it just me or is it impossible to find any dogs?

Extremely fun! A nice straightforward game with an excellent but simple gameplay.

My only complaint at all is that by 14 pups petted I was starting to see duplicates which means the last few pups could take forever to find. But that only matters because the completionist and dog enthusiast in me wants to find them all. :)

I don't think I've ever played a game with a better incentive to fulfill the objective. I pet THIS MANY doggos! *holds up a plethora of fingers* I made a video about my experiences and had to pet my own dog in the middle of the episode.

Nice little fun game with lots of cute dogs, much wow  :D and it seems everyone at the party are anti-social not just you. 

Lots of fun trying to find dogs at a house party xD

Make sure to follow me @ YouTube as i upload new videos every single day about random games like this!

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This game was so much fun! 


Thats discusting dont instal this


I pet the puppers 

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OMG petting pups can life get anybetter i give this game 10/10 PUP IGN

your game brought me so much joy 

Nice game

I love it! Petting all the doggos and, avoiding people is right up my alley! hahahaha

This game is amazing! Is there any chance of this ending up on the Vita? Portable puppos would be perfect...

oh man, maybe!! i'll have to look into that!

ver good pupperinos

ty ty ty!!!

The game was very cute! Liked it a ton

i'm so glad!!

I can not explain why but this game brought so much joy to my life!  I had a blast playing it, job well done!


hahaha, thank you!!


This is THE BEST party I've ever been to :)

Super good game! I love the concept and how there are so many pups to pet! Great job! 

thank you!!

So I tried the game out, was amazing I had a blast and I didnt expect it, finding puppies in a cluttered area, I realize you aim not to talk to anyone by mistake whilst clicking puppies, its actually very fun and puppyfanatics would love it, not to mention its ADORABLE AF thank you dev sorry if I got your name wrong, which I did WILL HERRING lmao xD hope you chuckle at the gameplay tho! thank you for the experience!

hahaha no sweat!! thanks so much for playing!

Haha np :D I had a blast!

Hmm, this game is promising, is there a fullscreen option? o_o I play on Windows!


there is!! it works in both fullscreen and windowed mode!

I Wish there was

Such a good game and an amazing art style I really hope you keep up the great work because I really enjoyed playing this! 

i like your video! so funny XD

Thank you so much!

sorry I'm late to reply, but your welcome!

this is great!! thank you so much!

Thank you for the reply and keep up the great work!

A cute little game that perfectly sums up how I would actually behave out a house party. 


hahaha, this is great! thanks for playing!

No worries! Thanks for making it ;)

Nice video man!

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Great game! 10/10 would pet again. I should be learning for my exams right now but instead I'm petting virtual fluffy pups at a virtual party I don't want to be at. Part of me wants a feature that lets me pet all of the good boys in the dog library as much as I want, pretty much just a room with me and all of the dogs and no time restriction - But then again at that point I probably wouldn't get anything done anymore. 

hahaha, a free roam pup pet mode is definitely on the roadmap! v glad these virtual pups were a nice distraction -- best of luck on your exams!!

Thank you for this opportunity. My life is made.

<3 <3 <3

Thank you for the follow! Enjoy the game!!!

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This is the coolest game ever, I love the aesthetic and everything about it it's so cute omg

What did you make this in?


thanks so much!!! all the game stuff was done in unity!

Great characters. Great pups.


so glad you liked these puppos!


hahaha thanks so much!!


your welcome! the only thing is sometimes i get VERY lost, other than that great game!

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