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yes good

Super simple, dumb fun! Some significant bugs here and there, but still very enjoyable. Dogs are very cute!

this is actually so cute
10/10 petting dogs


As soon as I saw the title I knew I had to download this game! The dogs are so cute!!!

Played it in a vid and it was definitely my fave of the three (the other two games were fun too, though!)

Played this as part of a 3 random games, great game with good boys

Random Scuffed Games #53

Vorgeschlagen von: Li_the_Wendigo

Absolut süßes Casual Game und was bei anderen Spielen ein Feature ist, ist hier der Kerninhalt.  Artstyle nice, musik nice, doggos nice. Nach 15 Minuten hat man zwar alles gesehen, aber Introvertierte Hundeliebhaber die eine Prise wholesomeness brauchen, bekommen hier ihre Dosis FOR FREE. Pet ALL the doggos.



Dito: 3.7/5

Chat: 3.79/5

Gesamt: 3.75/5


For years now this has been my go-to game when I don't quite want to go to bed yet but it's too late in the evening to get lost in a larger game. This is, and I'm not exaggerating, A Perfect Game. Simple yet clever idea, smoothly and stylishly executed, with a sense of humour, a lot of cuteness, and - always a big plus with me - surreal architecture. That it's all very relatable is the cherry on top. The oddest thing is that usually timed challenges stress me the fuck out - but somehow, this game got through my aversion to that, and after a little practice I got quite good at it, and now it's pretty much the only timed thing in gaming that I really enjoy.


I love this so much ❤❤ Thank you for playing!!


Very fun and simple game, really fun!


Absolutely adorable. 10/10!! So far, my favorite is Nellie, but they're all SO CUTE!!!!


Party, Pup. What else is there to say. All you need is a doggo in your life, and life is great!!!

Pet the Pup at the party - Jeansentis


Does anybody know how to open the game on Linux? I got the game and everything but it won't let me launch it


funny funny funny !


i fell though the ground and could not progress... other than that the game was fun


I'm having the same issue - I love the game and I've been able to go on a streak of about 15 pups before, but after I pet pup #5, The game glitches out somehow and I fall through the map.

I loved this game!! This is prob how I would actually be at a party anyway.. Haha. But really, I had a lot of fun with this. Def try it out!

Here is my video if you want to watch

Amazingly cute and stressful - Really enjoyed it 


my highscore is 7 pups peted


Totally kicked this games butt


My working theory is that this game takes place on an Earth where the Earths rotation has stopped, making it so one side of Earth is really hot and one side is really cold. This house is situated directly in-between both sides making it the perfect party. Hence why there are infinite party-goers who are blue (from being too cold on their side) and pink (who are sunburnt from their side)

This is perfect. This has everything I could ever want to do at a party! On the Linux version on Fedora 35, I ran into an issue after petting the third pup where nothing would generate besides the doors and I would just fall and I had to restart. It happened twice, but other than that this game is perfect!


love this game!! unfortunately it won't go full screen :(

nice game

i really enjoyed this game, keep up the good work dev's


Incredibly fun and expressive game. Excellent aftercare after playing dark souls. 


Do you like puppys? Do you like kittens? Well, you've come to the right place! Pet the Pup is a first person party simulator where you (the anti-social animal lover) have one simple task:
Pet the Pup (or Cat)!!!

The premise of the game is really simple, you run around from room to room, trying to find the new pup/cat that spawned in the level to pet. There's not much to it, and with each room, guest, obstacles, and pet being randomly generated, no two levels will feel the same. Also with directional hearing, as you approach the pet in the level, you will hear them bark in the direction that they are located (a really nice touch)

A few issues I had with the game are as follow:
- Speaking to party-goers does nothing but increase a counter when you run out of time; it doesn't increase or decrease your time, doesn't stop your character from moving, and really does nothing. I feel like this was a missed opportunity as it could've been used to stall the player or have nice mini-games

- You will run into duplicate pets..... a lot; because even the pets in the levels are random, and with there being 50+ pets to find and pet, you'll find yourself playing this game a lot just to find newer pets to pet.

All in all, this is a nice time spender that will keep you entertained for an hour or so.

My playthrough:


It wont let me play it only lets me download the file i need help

there are cute pups. you should play it.

go pet them!



super cute game, i love the concept and the design!! the gameplay is very simple, but in a good way! you can tell there was a lot of effort put into it. :) loved this game, keep up the good work!! <3


Super fun and cute game, totally didn't play it for hours after to get as many of those good boys & girls petted...nope, not me

Looking forward to what you make next


I played this in a video and I love the game, it's so cute and honestly quite relatable

I didn't get a chance to play for very long but I recommend it, really well made! ((:

This was sososo fun!! sOSO CUTEE i loved the art and it kept me so entertained omg, loved it!! Def gna be playing this again !


Saw markiplier playing this, im gunna try it out !!


Me too :D


Super adorable game!! It's too stressful for me but it's super adorable loop game! Highly recommend. 

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I'm not sure if it's a a bug but when i pet 9 pups the game glitches so there' no walls, floor, people, or even the pup. Its just a door and i keep falling and getting teleported back to the ceiling. Yeah fix this
Edit: I restart the game and it's fixed lol


now i saw ParashockX play this game and i was interested so i decided to download it, this.. game.. is... AMAZING!


I cannot open up the game 0/10


get WinRAR you idiot


Is anyone else trying to find their dog or atleast trying to find similar dog?


all good bois, 10/10


sexy dogs

what the fuck-


This is actually really polished! It's a cute concept, very cute art, and a real, fun, casual gameplay loop! I love it!

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